Tips for Using Our Website

Listening to Music

To listen to the music on this web site you need to an Applie device (iPad, iPhone or Mac), Google Chrome or Internet Explorer 9+. If you have an older browser you can use Adobe Flash Player to play the music. If you don't have Flash on your computer here are some quick steps for installing Flash:

1 - Click on this button to go to the Flash Download Page Download Adobe Flash

2 - Uncheck the "Free McAffe Security Scan Plus option

3. Click on the yellow "Agree Now and Install"button.

4. Above the "Search" box will be a light yellow bar that says"This website want to install the following add-on: "Adobe DLM" from Adobe Systems Incorporate..."

5. Click on the yellow bar and then click on the words "Install this add-on for all users on this computer"

6. Next click "Install" button on this pop up window:

Adobe download warning

7. Wait for the "Adobe Download Manager" to download and install Adobe Flash. Wait for the "Install Complete" with the green check mark, and then click "Close Download Manager".

8. Now go back to the Music pages and you will see the music players.Player